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A Non-Profit Organization distributing Safety mind & technique of foresting among citizen foresters

A picture from tree-Felling Training Course, September 2014
Tree-Felling Training Course on September 2014, Akiruno, Tokyo,

About the Oganization

Foresting License Council (FLC) is a Japanese non-profit organization that aims to...

  • Establish safer forest work method
  • Do training of safe forest work

mainly for volunteer citizen foresters (a.k.a. "Forest Volunteers" in Japanese).

Contents of This Website

This website contains following information.

Note! ALL following pages are written only in Japanese!

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or Email to 2011flc[at]gmail.com (convert "[at]" into @)


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Office: Sabo Building Annex, 2-7-4 Hirakawa-cho, Chiyoda, Tokyo.

Last Update: 2015/7/9